Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Cheap weed killer

If you know me at all, you know that I like weeds. Some weeds, anyway. Some... well, I guess God has His reasons for them.

The ones I wonder about are the ones that insist on growing in any tiny crack in the sidewalk. Talk about survival! There must be a lesson in there somewhere, but most of the time my mind is on getting rid of them.

I confess, I have tried Roundup (long ago!) and it worked. I didn't feel good about using it, and I hated to pay the price for it, so it was only one bottle, one time. I know that vinegar will kill weeds, but I'm really tight fisted, so I hate to pay for a gallon of vinegar and "waste" it killing weeds, although I have done it.

What next? Boiling water! Yes, I'd heard of it before, and yes, I'd even tried it, with some success, but when they started talking about it on the forum, I decided to give it another shot.

It worked! Grass and weeds both turned limp, then yellow, then they just lay down and died. Talk about a cheap weed killer.


  1. Pat,

    My observation from the pasture is this where we have placed a salt block for livestock, nothing grows for 3 yrs so far. So what I'm trying this year in those cracks is table salt. Its only 19 cts a box. I figure its worth a shot.


  2. Salt does work. The only problem is runoff when it rains or when you water, as it may get into places you don't want it to be.