Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Time for pumpkin!

Whether you buy or grow pumpkins it's easy to find yourself with an excess of it this time of year. It only takes one to have too much if you just want to make a pie, but it freezes very well, so that's an option. Right now, though, try it in pancakes in place of part of the milk or put it in soups.

It can be eaten just like winter squash (which it really is) with butter and salt or whatever your favorite seasonings are. Another way to try it is to slice it thin, salt it and roast it in a slow oven until it's dry. It's a real taste treat! Of course, you could always make another pumpkin pie.

There are many recipes for pumpkin bread, pumpkin cookies and the like, so even if you're pumpkin'd out right now, bake these goodies and keep them in the freezer until you're ready for a treat.

Pumpkins are good, nutritious and cheap, so don't let this once a year gem slip by you!