Wednesday, November 17, 2010

This time of year

My favorite things this time of year:

Leaves swirling in the wind and crunching under my feet
Skies the color of baby blue and white cotton
Brown earth, wet and smelling like it should
A certain rush of energy as the cold air sweeps in
Checking the garden and seeing that everything is properly at rest for the winter.
The smell of wood smoke, caught now and then from the neighbor's fireplace.
Trying to decide if the laundry will dry tomorrow if I hang it outside.
Long evenings when I can sit and knit or read without guilt because it's too dark to do anything else.
Getting into a bed that's too cold and waiting as my body heat slowly warms it up.
Getting up into air that's too cold and having to wait for the bathroom to warm up before I can take a shower.
Watching the western sky in the hopes that those clouds will carry snow.
Buying bags of bird seed at Walmart so I can watch the sparrows and finches eat from the kitchen window.
Anticipating Thanksgiving and worrying already about how much of what to make.
Anticipating Christmas.

What's not to like about this time of year?

And it doesn't have a thing to do with frugal, except that very little of the enjoyment costs money.


  1. I like those things too. (except the cold sheets and bathroom, LOL).
    I enjoy watching the wildlife get ready for winter. The chipmunks and squirrels are frantically looking for nuts to bury. The blooming mums are giving one last show of color before we move into winter. And the cooler days are a pleasant relief from the sweltering hot summer!

  2. I grew up in a large, old log house that was heated with one wood stove, far away from either bathroom or bedroom, so when they're cold, it reminds me of home! LOL

    I enjoy watching the wildlife get ready, too, although I could do without quite so many squirrels.

  3. With me down here in Miami, I desperately wait for the weather to turn cooler. Here's summer here all year long with a very few days of exception.

    The coldest I ever remember it getting was 35 degrees on one Christmas Eve and that seemed like a gift from Heaven. Right now, the week before Thanksgiving and it's 68 outside. Well, what else can I say? I'll say Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. This is my favorite time of year anyway.

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