Friday, November 12, 2010

Getting in the mood for the holidays?

I've been surfing the internet today, looking for some really good Thanksgiving ideas. Wow, there are some awesome sites especially for Thanksgiving! I found coloring pages for the kids, turkey recipes, history, stories, trivia (which president proclaimed it to be a national holiday?) and a lot more.

Here are the top Thanksgiving sites I've found, but please add your own favorites so we can all enjoy Thanksgiving online.

Thanksgiving on the 'Net

Printable Thanksgiving coloring pages (includes click to color online)
Thanksgiving History


  1. If you go to Scholastic Books you can sign up to receive a free e-mail with letters from the Pilgrims and Native Americans plus the history of the May Flower. Also you can log onto Plimoth Plantations and see what life was like back then and they have free recipes that you can include in your Thanksgiving meal. Colonial Williamsburg is also another place you can log onto and get some history about Thanksgiving and they also have recipes you can try,
    Also try Salem Ma for some history of the the Puritans and some history of the witch trials and the Revolutionary War. There are so many neat sites and fascinating history!

  2. Oh this is my favorite time of year Pat even more so than Christmas time. And you are helping it be more so for me this year! Thank you once more.