Monday, May 19, 2008

Beat the high cost of food, again

There's a new article in the series: Beat the High Cost of Food: Eat the Leftovers!

What I didn't include in it?

If you have picky eaters, freeze the leftovers until they've forgotten about them, then serve them in a new form. No one will ever know.


  1. Pat Here's a tip for picky eaters, kids especially and even most adults. I had a lazy susan with separte glass sections. So In 1 I might have 2 hardboild leftover eggs, made into devilled eggs,in another chunks of cheese, yet another might have carrot sticks, celery sticks, left over whatever( most meats can ve put in the blender with pickle, and salad dressing for a spread,) on a cracker. sinetunes ut was pices of fruit cut up, 1 might even have cookies.I'd put this on the dinning room table after school and it was the snack tray. My picky eaters loved having an "apetizer tray", it used up my leftovers, made sure they were getting food value in their "treats" and tided them over till supper. The tray stayed out about a 1/2 hour, then any uneaten items were put in the fridge till next time. It was a neat trick I learned from Family Cirle Mag. way back in the earlie 70's. I still do this only now it's for company, and I use leftovers on my tray! LOL , no one seems to mind at all.

    T'other Pat in Kitchener

  2. That's a great way to use up leftovers, Pat, thanks!

  3. Great ideas Pat. I keep quart sized former yoghurt containers in the freezer for fruit/sweet liquids (rinsings from the syrup, fruit juices, rinsings from the OJ container) that I use to make muffins, pancakes, fruit syrup/toppings. Another one has mixed cooked veggies that I use for soup bases. Meats I freeze separately, but the juices, pan scrapings, gravies, etc. are frozen by beef/pork/chix and are used for soups, casseroles, gravies, liquids to cook tougher cuts.

    I save all crumbs, mixed, in a jar - cereal, crax, bread. chips, pretzels, whatever. These are used as toppings for casseroles and sometimes even for thickening a soup.

    Typically at the end of the month I have enough leftovers frozen to make 1 casserole, 2 soups, and 1 stir-fry.

    Once again, every little bit counts. Bellen

  4. All good ideas, Bellen. I do all of them except the sweet juices because I don't use that much of them. As you say, every little bit counts.