Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Farmer's Market

Our seasonal farmer's market opens this weekend! They probably won't have much food, but they'll surely have plants and breakfasts and crafts. I usually don't buy crafts because I'm 1)cheap and 2)always think I can make it myself. I don't, but I think I can. I have never bought breakfast or snack food there, but the plants often call my name.

Anyway, Good Lord willing and the rivers don't rise, I'm going to go take in the atmosphere and follow my own advice:

To save money, only take as much cash as I feel comfortable spending and I won't take my checkbook. Vendors are not normally set up to accept credit cards, but some of them will take checks.

Farmer's markets are plain fun to walk around in. The smells and sights of food and other offerings, customers picking and prodding, vendors arranging and dealing... considering that you get to bring home the goodies too, it's pretty cheap entertainment.

Don't know if you have a local farmer's market? Find out here: Local Farmer's Markets.

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