Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Shop when you're happy?

I first saw this notion at: Wallet Pop and followed the link to Fox Business .

I wasn't sure about the idea because personally I tend to not shop when I'm feeling down but when I have to, I get what I need and get out of there.

Maybe it has to do with some basic feelings toward shopping and "things" in general?

This also brings up another question. Are Americans that unhappy?? Because it seems like there's always a whole lotta shopping going on!


  1. I think it is a general feeling toward shopping myself, or shopping in a specific 'niche'. For instance I hate to shop, but if I see a comic book store next door to someplace I need to go, I always stop in for at least an hour (though I rarely buy)

    But I would agree, does food or shopping become your therapy for feeling bad or can you replace it with something more constructive?

  2. I think people invent all sorts of ways to complicate their lives, and shopping is one of many ways a good or neutral thing can get out of hand. I often wonder if Americans are happy or not - I don't know enough of the rest of the world to compare. I s'pose that's reason enough to be worried, but also reason to learn more, so it balances out.

  3. If it's really true that people spend more money when they're feeling bad, that's a really sad comment on how mighty the dollar really is, I think. I hate to shop, too, Dawn, and I think that's why I really, really hate it when I'm a little down.

    Mighty guin, I've wondered that myself. Are Americans happy? I'm guessing they're not - not if it takes more money to make them feel good.

    This may be more of a complicated topic than I thought.

  4. My grandma used to take me shopping when I felt bad. It was ok then because I was spending her money. HAHA

  5. Kellys, maybe that's how some people got started with shopping when they're unhappy. We learn from things like that. Even if it was her money, you "learned" that shopping made you feel better.