Monday, February 4, 2008

Lower the cost of checks

I don't do much check writing any more, since I can pay many of my bills for free online. With the price of postage plus the cost of checks, it only makes sense. A lot of folks use debit cards when shopping, so that helps eliminate the cost of checks, too.

However, checks are still handy to have. To help control the cost, don't buy them from your bank! That's the most expensive way to get them, because banks order them from printing companies just the way you can - then they tack on fees to pass them on to you. That makes good business sense for them, but for you, it makes more sense to go to the source.

There are a lot of check printing companies online. Current may be the best known, but there are several others: Promise Checks, Artistic Checks, and Designer Checks among others.

Look around and save a few more dollars. Why not?


  1. Good idea saving on checks. We bank with Wachovia and just found out (after 4 years) that we get checks for FREE!! Took us that long to use up the initial 100. For almost everything we use free on-line banking with Wachovia. Bellen

  2. Four years?? LOL I don't think I could make a hundred checks last that long, but maybe close. Good for you.