Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Washing Clothes and Other Frugal Entertainment

Well, I let a whole week slip by without posting to this blog! Let me see... what's my excuse... oh, yeah, I've been busy, as you can see by this piece: The Benefits of Washing Clothes by Hand

Now my comment:

So washing clothes by hand isn't for you? What about growing wheat? Or making potholders? Or knitting rugs from rags? Surely you can find something you'll like to do and save money doing it.

A frugal life can be fun, so why not enjoy it? Even if it's something off the wall or something you think no one else would do (a lot of people do funky things!), go ahead and have fun. Experiment, give it a try. Go ahead... have fun and be frugal, too.


  1. We spent last year in an apartment that had a washer in the basement that required quarters. I am the mother of two toddlers, so you can imagine the amount of laundry I do. Instead of spending money on the washing machine, or dryer. I washed the clothes by hand for a year and line dried them (lucky we had a clothes line outside). People thought I was crazy, but I admit I enjoyed it. We own a place and have a washer, so, I no longer use my sink for anything more than dishes. However, I have been hooked on line drying and am thinking of selling our dryer, which came with the place.

  2. It sounds like you know what I'm talking about, Lindsay. :) A line full of clean laundry is a reward in itself. If you can get clothes dry in cold or wet weather (or can plan so you don't need to) there's really no need for a dryer, anyway! :)