Sunday, June 10, 2007

Woo-hoo! Another believer

I don't get around the blog community as often as I'd like, so I didn't get to this one when it was written a few weeks ago: Second-hand suits me by Greg Karp, who writes the "Spending Smart" column for The Morning Call, a Chicago Tribune newspaper.

Yes, he writes a money column and no, he'd never bought clothes at a thrift store before. I don't know exactly what challenged him, but he bought a suit of clothes and wore them to tape segments for TV. He said he was surprised at the good deal he got.

Hmm... have we been talking to ourselves all this time? Greg, if you read this, listen up. I have a lot more good advice for you! :)

But I'm kidding. Greg has a good handle on things, money-wise. A guy who is humble enough to confess he's still learning (just like we all are) is OK. And he's worth reading, too.


  1. I'll have to check that out.

    By the way, tag. You're it.

  2. I'm "it" what?? (I told you I didn't get around the blogging community as much as I'd like!)