Saturday, June 2, 2007

"Frugal" Tips and Frugal Tips

I get tips from here and there almost constantly, on things meant to save money. Most of them are tips I've heard and used before, but now and then I come across a new and good idea. More often, there are "frugal" tips that aren't so frugal.

Some of the differences may have to do with shopping habits and some with other habits we develop, but some of what is frugal in one area of the country, isn't so much in another.

For instance, maybe you can save money by coating your dry feet with mashed banana and lemon juice, but a good coating of generic petroleum jelly is much cheaper for me. (And they're both just as messy!)

Another tip I received recently was to buy generic shampoo to clean floors and bathroom fixtures. That's all well and good (soap is soap is soap), but a spritz of vinegar mixed half and half with water will clean floors (unless they're really gunky), clean sinks AND make plumbing fixtures sparkle - and that's cheaper than the cheapest shampoo.

Third example: Removing oil from your face with an egg yolk and a tablespoon of mayonnaise. You're supposed to leave it on for a half hour. Witch hazel wins this one hands down, especially with the price of eggs going up along with other groceries. A little on a cotton ball or corner of a wash cloth will clean oily skin quickly and thoroughly.

So be careful about which "frugal" tips you try... you could be costing yourself money.


  1. Pat, I'm wondering about the cleaning with vinegar idea. While it might sound nice, does it really disinfect? I always use bleach products or other high quality cleaning products when cleaning my bath and kitchen as I want them to be especially clean. Vinegar may clean some, but I don't see how it will kill germs and disinfect.

  2. The acetic acid in vinegar is a good disinfectant, yes. Here's a site that should help: