Thursday, August 8, 2013

Extremely Frugal

So I followed some links to "extreme" frugality and was a little disappointed. Some people think that being extremely frugal means you clip coupons or cook at home. That's not extreme; as a matter of fact, it's barely frugal. It's more like common sense, in my opinion. Now, I don't want to offend anyone and you may not be ready for what follows. If you're not into a frugal lifestyle, some of these things might shock you. Proceed at your own risk.

Extremely frugal options can save a few dollars - or maybe a penny. Take them all with a grain of salt. (But just one grain. You don't want to waste the salt.)

1. Barter. Trade, swap, whatever you want to call it. If you have something and you need something, see if someone has what you need and wants what you have. That includes doctors, dentists, farmers or anyone else. Ask around. All they can say is no but they might very well say yes. Choose an item and refuse (in your mind) to pay cash for it. Sooner or later, you'll find it.

2. Dumpster dive. Not "dive" as in jumping in, but "dive" as in getting with it. The concept includes sidewalk shopping, where you check out the trash set out for pickup. Some dumpsters are closed and sealed. Don't mess with them. There are still dumpsters that you can get to. Be inconspicuous and have an answer ready should anyone question you. Looking for cardboard boxes is a good excuse.

3. Family cloth. I can already hear the "ewww"s and the "yuck!" out there, or I will as soon as you figure out what I'm talking about. Toilet paper is a new invention, believe it or not. People did not always have the luxury of four ply, deeply soft sheets of special paper to clean themselves. It wastes resources and it costs money. Go ahead, look up "family cloth." If you can't accept it whole heartedly, go half way, just for women, just to dry.

And  there's a lot more, like boiling up used meat bones, making broth from peelings and tops, utility sewing, sharing subscriptions to newspapers and magazines and sharing rides to the store or to work.

If you want more really frugal ideas, check out my other blog, which is truly "Extremely Frugal"!