Wednesday, March 2, 2011

What do you want?

I like to say that I was born frugal. For some of us, it really is an attitude that we come by naturally, but for some of us, it has to be cultivated. No matter which camp you're in, frugal living can make a big difference in what you get out of life.

Do you know what you want? For sure? Tell me. I don't want some vague, "I want to buy a house". What do you want? Do you want a cottage on the sea? Do you want a cabin in the woods? Or maybe a McMansion in the newest subdivision. How much will it cost? How much of a downpayment do you have? How much can you save each month toward a downpayment? How big of a mortgage can you make payments on? What can you do to increase your buying power?

Once you can answer those questions, then you can move forward. Frugal living will not magically make those things happen. You will have to work for them.

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