Wednesday, March 16, 2011

I keep saying it...

The situation in Japan should be seen as a warning. Emergencies often strike quickly, giving little to no time to prepare. We've seen the stories of runs on grocery stores when a hurricane or blizzard is forecast, but those are tame compared to fears of nuclear disaster in the aftermath of a huge earthquake and a monster tsunami.

Was it a once in a thousand years event? We don't know. Could it happen here? We don't know. Could other emergencies occur that would be at least locally as devastating? Yes. Here's a look at what could happen:

What Your Grocery Store Will Look Like in an Emergency

How's your food storage pantry coming along?


  1. Say Pat, my food storage project is coming along here a little and there a little but I am making headway...I'm concentrating on protein canned goods and veggies, etc. At least it's for a 3 week supply of food...

  2. Good for you, Bevlion. Be sure to stock what you will actually eat. :)

  3. I am trying to stock up on canned foods even from the $ store. I have some veggies saved and canned meats like SPAM and chicken and the Raman Noodles are always a good choice too. Oh and some canned beans!!!

  4. A good variety is important. One thing I always forget to mention is water and some method of cooking or heating up things.