Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Fire King and Quaker Oats

I'm beginning to wonder if the title of this blog is a misnomer. I do enjoy frugal living and writing about it, but since I'm semi retired (again!), former interests have taken a larger part in my life. It's been fun, being able to bake a loaf of bread when I want to, planning a garden more thoroughly, knitting bed socks and blankets and rummaging through thrift stores for favorite treasures.

Some of these favorite treasures are collectibles, mostly from the 20th century. I enjoy Depression Glass and marketing history, among other things, so I thought, "Why not?" Why not write about that, too? I couldn't find a reason not to, so I did. :)

The Story of Fire King from Anchor Hocking

Quaker Oats Premiums Through the Years

Maybe that will give you a clue as to why I love to shop at thrift stores. Besides clothing, books and more modern household items, they can be great sources of collectibles to keep, give as gifts or sell. Why not?


  1. I enjoy marketing history, too - especially all things "americana".
    Thanks for sharing this information. Lisa G

  2. My interest in marketing history is pretty much limited to Americana, too. We've had quite the history.

  3. Greetings,

    This is a message for the webmaster/admin here at patverettosfrugalliving.blogspot.com.

    May I use part of the information from your post above if I provide a link back to your website?


  4. Harry, please contact me through the email in my blogger profile.

  5. Pat,

    Fun post! We drink our morning coffee from peach lustreware Fire King mugs and ead our oatmeal (and lots of other stuff!) from T.S.T Chateau Buffet bowls - the ones that are brown on the outside and turquoise inside.

    I love collecting these and many other vintage dishes and kitchenware and use 'em all in my kitchen as well as for display. Finding a "gem" cheaply at a rummage sale or thirft store makes my day!!

    Furgal collector,

  6. I agree, Bette, it's quite a thrill to find a cool piece at a thrift store. :)