Wednesday, December 1, 2010

What they're not telling us about inflation

I enjoy reading Gary D Halbert's weekly enewsletter because he always has something to think about.

Part of what he was talking about this week caught my attention. At least I know I'm in good company:

""Let’s face it, how can inflation be only 1.2% over the last year when we’ve seen the prices of many commodities rise sharply?  On average, our basic food costs have increased by almost 50% over the last year (as measured by wheat, corn, oats, and canola prices).   Beef and pork prices are up almost 40% over the last year.  Cotton prices are up over 50%.  Your morning cup of coffee with a little sugar has risen by around 35% since last October."

Yes, let's face it. Food prices are soaring, and cotton clothing will soon. It's not a good situation, money-wise and the immediate future does not look rosy.

And "they" tell us that inflation is low? It's an interesting discussion that you might want to read for yourself:

Inflation Coming Sooner Rather Than Later


  1. I was feeling a bit chilly this morning. But that article made my blood boil! (Hey, at least I'm heated up now...maybe I'll be able to turn down the thermostat a few degrees, LOL.)

  2. I know exactly what you mean, Stacie!

  3. Yes inflation is here already! At least I feel it in my wallet these days! I have to rework my grocery bill as what I am used to buying is costing way more these days!!! I am trying to take care of everything I have so as not to have to replace them this includes clothing as I know prices will be way up come this spring!!! I am trying to buy last years summer clothes on sale. I know it seems weird in the winter and at Christmastime but I am really trying too stretch whatever I can. Last year I bought lots of clothes for the family for Christmas and we still have lots of wear left so instead of buying more winter clothes which we don't need I am buying summer clothes that are on the bargain racks now. I got a pair of pants for $1.00 at Walmart! When does that ever happen?

  4. Buying summer clothes in the winter doesn't sound weird to me! It makes good, frugal sense. :)

  5. I have seen the prices rise since before Christmas (good thing I stocked up well in advance) I have already used my ham bone twice to make split pea soup and I am avoiding the grocery stores as much as possible except for bread and milk. We were also informed that gas prices will be up between $4.00 -$5.00 a gallon by spring and that our water bill will be raised by 7% in a few weeks! I guess this must be the governments gift to us all for 2011! I am glad that a friend of mine brought me over some clothing she no longer wants. Some with the tags still on too! But yes inflation is coming sooner-with a vengeance-I already don't go out to eat, I don't got to the movies I really go anywhere that often. Good thing I know how to entertain at home and I do have lots of puzzles to keep me busy!!!!!