Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Give yourself permission...

On and after Christmas Day, give yourself permission...

to not pick up the Christmas wrapping right away. It will wait until the coffee has been sipped, the gifts admired again, the comments and questions and laughter has been savored.

to take a nap on Christmas afternoon.

to do something just to please someone else whether you want to or not. Remember that it's a choice you can make.

to eat another serving of dessert. Christmas only comes once a year and you won't sabotage your diet by overeating just a little one time.

to buy that thing you really want if you didn't get it for Christmas.

to stop and watch the snow falling or the sun shining or the grass growing. What you have to do will still be there 10 minutes from now.

Above all, give yourself permission to remember and to think and to reflect on what Christmas means to you and what it offers to the whole world, whether the whole world celebrates it or not.


  1. Yup, have a Merry little Christmas by doing something for yourself just this one little time...good Pat.

  2. Now have yourself a terrific and Happy New Year!!!

  3. I made most of my gifts which were really appreciated. Those bath salts on a oh so cold night are so relaxing! I bought other gifts during the summer on clearance! My son got his room repainted and reorganized and we made soups (pasole and potato)finger sandwiches, salads, cookies and other yummy treats for our holiday fare! We had 10 guest over and we all had a great time!!!! Later my husband in his new PJ's and I in mine were able to catch a movie by ourselves on DVD! You just can't beat that!!!