Thursday, March 4, 2010

Spring and Garage Sales

Are you looking forward to spring? I know... some of you already are in the midst of it, but not here! Not yet, anyway. I'm really ready to start the garden, spend a Saturday morning at the farmer's market or garage saling, or both!

I get a craving to go bargain shopping around this time of year and begin to haunt the second hand stores and dream of good garage sales. Classified ads and Craig's List are fair game, too, just for fun.

I found a site called "Tagsellit" that's pretty cool. It's a sort of online garage sale, where you can sell or buy things locally or anywhere you like, and find tag sales and events wherever you are.

To be honest, I was amazed. Yard sales in Alaska in March? California, I can see (oh, my, the listings for that state!)

The site is a boon for those who can't have a sale from their garage or yard for various reasons. If you live in an apartment, don't have time to run a garage sale or local laws make it difficult, here's your chance to do it anyway.

I got my bargain hunt fix here yesterday and I've bookmarked it for the next time, AND... I found a garage sale in my home town. It's not often that a site that covers the entire nation has anything relevant for a small town.


  1. I'm excited about this, thanks for the link!

  2. Its March! Spring will be here before you know it. Where I am at it is raining again which I love! My garden is doing very well and soon it will be time to harvest!!! If your in snow country it won't be long before your planting time!!! Just a little longer.....

  3. Yep, just a little longer! they're actually predicting rain this week. But for this country, that could mean rain, snow, sleet, and then next week a blizzard. I just have to have patience... not that easy this time of year.

  4. Thanks for posting. I do live in California, but not all of it is as sunny as most people think, especially the northern part....brrrr. I will definitely check out the site!

  5. Too bad... I'm guessing you don't know of a site like this for Canada?
    There is so much junk kicking around my house, but despite my inclination to squeeze every penny I can from it and have a garage sale, I'm just not sure if it's worth spending the time on.

  6. I'm sorry, I don't. If I come across one for Canada, I'll post it on the blog.