Saturday, March 27, 2010

New traditions

Tonight, March 27, 2010, is "turn off the lights" night. For one hour, from 8:30 to 9:30 your local time, turn off the lights. Sit in the dark or use candles, kerosene lamps or solar lighting and think about how much electricity the world is saving... and how much money you're saving.

More about this in the post I made last year:

Electric Traditions

Join us?


  1. I ended up going to bed a 8:30 and slept till 6:00 the next morning so I participated but kept the lights out longer than the hour LOL!

    Also this year for Easter things are changing dramatically. I'll also be saving a lot of electricity by NOT cooking! My married daughter is spending time with her in-laws and their family so it's just the three of us and my son is a teenager. We are not doing the ham because no one is really in the mood. My son raises chickens and collects eggs about everyday of his life so coloring eggs and egg hunting isn't something he wants to spend the day doing. We just bought him a new gadget for his computer to make up for his not wanting a Easter basket also we had a special celebration earlier this week at our place of worship and will do so again tomorrow.
    We have been rocking our yard and have been busy spreading tons of rocks so our landscape is a hard scape thus dramatically reducing the water bill.

    Our meal for Easter will consist of a baked turkey breast (all ready done which I picked up at the store for $5.00 It's a great size for us three and I will serve it cold since we are working hard outside to finish these rocks. I will also make a potato salad and sliced fresh pineapple. I got the pineapple for $1.88 and it is juicy! For dessert a coconut cream pie than back to the rocks to work it all off! 24 tons of rock is back breaking labor but I already have the back yard done and tomorrow I want to finish the front yard! It is a lot of work but then again saving on the water bill is the reward we will reap for just a few days of hard work. To me it's worth every aching muscle!

  2. Sounds like a wonderful Easter! :) It's good to celebrate each holiday in ways that are satisfactory to you instead of just following the crowd.