Friday, January 1, 2010


There's a lot to be said about going into a new year, but I'll keep it brief.

Do you think that just because it's a new year, you can do things you couldn't do in the old year? Or that you can do what you did last year, only better? Or that you WILL do things in the new year that you wouldn't do in the last year?

If you answered "yes," you're not alone. Many people make resolutions to start this or lose that or save this in the days of the year ahead of them. Often, this resolution is a catch-all without any specific plan. "Save money," can cover a lot of territory.

You can save money by cutting back on what you buy. Cut out the junk food and the overspending on clothes and the house and you'll save money. Have a certain amount sent automatically to a savings account each pay period and you'll save money. Turn out the lights, turn down the heat, take faster showers and you'll save money.

Just how do you want to do it? Make a plan. You will never get there if you don't know the way. Following a plan is like following a road map. Look to see the distance, count the miles and decide what is the best way to go.

Of course, you have to have a destination; how else will you know when you get there?

1. Decide on your destination
2. Make a plan - decide how best to get there
3. Follow the plan

Sounds simple, doesn't it? It is, if you stick to the basics. Put it on paper or on the computer where you will see it. Work at it. 2010 can be the year you make it happen.

A Frugal and Happy New Year


  1. Yes this makes sense. Of course one of the things that may knock people off their track is others that sabotage efforts to lose weight, save money or be organized! It takes determination and a true belief in what our goals are in order to have a stick-to-it attitude no matter what! I know that this has been a problem for me!

  2. I wrote a Realistic Budget. (meaning it will work and not fail).

    I've been for years writing down each day how much money goes in and how much money goes out.

    I know where my weakness are .. my 13 year old son.. I break my budget too often to buy a book or unfortunately fast food. We eat organic at home all the time; but than I still let him run and have food at Burger King or McDonald.. since he LOVES it and SKINNY and I want to make sure he eats enough.

    I'm going back to the Envelope System label MISC... where i set aside money for him and when it is gone.. it is gone. And there is always food in the house.

    My goal is to get rid of some GOOD DEBT.. but still Debt.

    And to save too.

    Happy New Year.

    I've been exercising consistently for a month now. I found a realistic work out too. It might not be the most Strenuousness one but it is the type I love and so I'll do it. I love those walking on Demand shows with Leslie Samsone. I can do a harder work out but I love walking and I just add 3 pounds weight and move my arms even more to make it a bit difficult.

    I stick to thing that I love.. even if heavier weights and crunches always have better results.

    betty ann

  3. Unfortunately, that's very true. I think that having a written plan helps get us back on track, though.

  4. Betty Ann, it's always better to be more practical and have something actually work than to have big dreams and never finish them!

  5. You're right, Pat. I have heard before that goals are more easily attained when they're written down and visible to see, re-read, strive towards, etc.

  6. Good thoughts Pat. I've been an obsessive list maker for years and years and amazingly, most of what I write on all those lists eventually gets done! Everything from return library books to paint the kitchen. If it's on the list, it is a recognized goal and by writing it down, there is a certain commitment to me that I feel compelled to keep. Sometimes, items may appear on lists over a period of months, and in some cases even years (like writing an estate plan!!), but eventually, the day of satisfaction comes when I get to cross them off. Of course, they are usually replaced by at least 2 or 3 new ones!! But that's life!! Best regards.

  7. Yes, some of mine are two or three years old, too, but I'll get there sooner or later. Like you, I tend to add a couple or three every time I cross off one!

  8. It's so true that starting a new year makes us more willing to do things we could have done all along. Although it is easier to say "I've saved to much money this year!" than it is to say "I've saved so much money in the past 8 months!" :)

    I like knowing that so many people have come up with frugally-minded plans for the new year. Writing them down really helps.

  9. B.Wallace, a resolution without a plan is like a faucet without water. It's just something to look at. :)