Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The New Year

Whew... back to the grindstone. Christmas is over, company's gone and the house seems very quiet. I've sorted through the bows and ribbons, thrown out some paper that was too far gone and cleaned up my bedroom (almost!).

Now comes the time to reminisce a little, philosophize about last year and make plans for next year. Like most of you, I want to do more with less. I want to put more money into savings, put less food in my mouth. I want to put more muscle on my body, put less stress on my mind. Put more thought into every day savings opportunities, put less emphasize on what others think about how I do it.

The top three New Year's Resolutions involve money, weight and exercise, in that order. More money, less weight, more exercise. And every year, we resolve the same thing. Hmm...

Maybe it's time to resolve to actually work on our resolutions?


  1. Let's Do It..

    I'm in.

    Betty Ann.. aka ms Frugal Hen..

  2. My resolutions are along those lines
    of eating less, losing weight, less stress and less waste!

    One thing I did do these past couple of weeks was discovered something. My husband and I bought a lot of bags of potatoes and while peeling some we just didn't want to throw away the peels! We already had enough in our compost so we decided to cook them in oil! They are so delicious and filing that we cook them every time we peel potatoes! Generally I save them for breakfast the next morning and cook them up with whatever we are having! They really are delicious and I don't have the guilt of wasting them!!! Put some salt/pepper and even seasoning salt on them. You just got to try it!!!

  3. ....Oh I forgot....on the Dollar Stretcher forum there was talk about saving $5.00 a week. It does add up! With the New Year I am going to try and do this! Hey by the time the Holidays roll around again next year I hopefully will have them all paid for if I start now!!!!

  4. All right, then! We will. :)

  5. Anonymous, I bake mine. Here's a link to a post about it from my other blog:
    Baked Potato Skins

    They're good either way!

  6. Great.

    I have some DEBT. Mortgage which is alright to have........

    But a New Furnace last year; New Hot Water Heater the other month; and Paying off the last year of my sons' college(he graduated 1.5 years ago.. .. all adding up to 11,000.00.

    Today I sent an extra 50.00 towards this DEBT.

    I Hate Debt. (beside mortgage).. even if the DEBT is considered Good Debt and not Bad Debt. Did not spend as a single mom on frivolous things.

    Let's do it..

    Betty Ann .. Frugal Hen re-emerges.

  7. Just wanted to share!

    The United States Department of Agriculture predicts that in 2010, the prices of meat or poultry will increase by 1.5% to 2.5%. The prices of fresh fruits and vegetables will rise 3% to 4%, as will cereal and bakery products. Based on this outlook, I would say this is a good year to learn how to garden, if you have not already. It also looks like a good year to watch for sales on cereal and do your own baking. Signs such as these, as well as the current unemployment rate, and devaluation of the dollar, all seem to support the wisdom of previous generations’ more frugal ways.

  8. Absolutely. It's always a good time to learn to be more frugal and a garden is a good way to do that. It also allows you to eat better! Stock up during the sales right now, grow what you can, cook from scratch... it all adds up.

  9. HellO Pat,
    May I wish you and yours the best of 2010!
    I so enjoy your blog and very practical help in my life! keep at it please! Also do you twitter at all? i know I would be following you there too!

  10. Thank you, Laurie! May you have a healthy and prosperous New Year. Sorry, I am not on Twitter.

  11. I would love to resolve to help make my family more conscious of waste. It's not easy when the spouse isn't always on the same page, and that mindset sometimes rubs off on my teens. I hate coming home at night and all the lights are on in every room, tv's are going in two rooms ( I don't really even watch much television at all tube, but that's another topic). If I could make a dent in that area, I'd be really thankful.

  12. Zoe, look at my last post: 2010. Make a plan and write it down. If you think about it, you'll find a way.