Friday, August 28, 2009

What to do between now and cold weather

For some of you, "cold weather" is little more than a nice dream while you're still having searing temperatures. For others, it really never left this year! Either way, cool or colder weather is coming and we need to prepare for it. It may seem early to be thinking about it, but better a little early than a little late.

Here's my list:

  • Have furnaces checked and change the filter.
  • Clean out coat closets. Check sizes, wear and so on, to see what needs to be replaced before cold weather.
  • Have the car tuned up and ready for cold weather driving. Make sure the tires are ok for ice and/or snow.
  • Tend the harvest. Can, dehydrate and freeze produce that is cheap (or free, from the garden) right now for frugal winter eating.
  • Take a look at window casings and doors and make any repairs that are needed. Replace caulking, tighten hinges, install weather stripping.
  • Take advantage of sales on garden tools, paper, pens, pencils and fresh root vegetables.
  • Look to nature to provide decorations and inspiration for the house. Everything from river rock to dramatic "weeds" can be, and has been, used creatively.

    There's a lot more than can be added to that, but that covers the basics for me and I'm tired just looking at it!

    Every season has its changes and challenges and we do well to meet them ahead of time to avoid last minute purchases and actions that may or may not be frugal. This year seems to be even more intense in its "get ready!" feeling. It may just be me... but it may not be. Don't let the winter catch you unprepared.


  1. LOL, Pat I think you must be reading our minds! Yesterday dh, and a good friend took our well apart and made sure everything is working and replaced a small part ( so it wouldn't go in winter). two days ago the stove in the living room was taken apart, all the bricks taken out and the whole interior vaccumed. Then the bricks replaced, while the bricks were out the chiminey was also checked ( It had been cleaned last spring and is fine).
    I am canning and freezing the garden things, and we are getting dh his new boots for winter ( I just got him all his winter socks last month). When company came this summer we got new quilts and bedding ( the old ones were getting thin, and the sales were good). Two old quilts are being put together and a new cover, from sheets is being made for emergency use.
    We just changed tires on one of the trucks this morning and dh is working on the old tractor, fixing the blade and bucket for winter snow removal.
    As usual your Blog is right on time and target.
    t'Other Pat

  2. Great minds run in the same channels. ;)