Sunday, June 7, 2009


I finally took some pictures! The first one is a climbing rose that was here when I moved it. It perks things up when it blooms, and it blooms all summer and sometimes very late into the winter.

This is the east raised bed. Onions in the foreground with beets in the background. They're both doing well with all our rain and cool weather.

And this is the west raised bed. Corn, beans and squash are all crowded in here. You can see the walls are beginning to bow out some on both beds. I should have reinforced them this year but didn't think of it until I'd already planted. That will be a fall project after the harvest.

More pictues later!


  1. Thank you! That's two out of 8 areas I have going this year.

  2. Oh, Pat your gardens are doing great! Mine got touched with frost a couple of days ago. A few of the peppers and tomatoes were touched. I haven't pulled them out because part of them is still growing, but I don't know if they will do anything.
    The rest of the garden is just in the ground breaking stage. The green house is doing well.
    Please keep us posted with pictures of your raised beds. I know that is the way to go, but I still have my big ole garden and use my rototiller to keep it up.

  3. Annie, I hope yours does ok after the frost! As long as they're still trying they'll probably make it. The raised beds sure make it easier to keep up the weeds out.