Friday, June 12, 2009

New rhubarb, old beans... and Jerusalem artichokes

This is a rhubarb plant I set out just before all the rain began to hit (about a month ago and counting). I wasn't at all sure it was going to make it; it seemed so little when I put it in this great bare spot.

And this is the result of some old red beans I planted last year; about six of them. It was one of those things I kept intending to throw away but never did, so come planting time I got one of those inspired moments and soaked them and planted them around some corn. They didn't grow all that well, but they did produce several long, tender pods. I left them to mature and gathered the dry beans to use as seed this year. They're looking good, in spite of a hail storm a few days ago.

It isn't a big crop, but there should be enough for a canner load of green beans and some for seed again next year.

And this is the result of 2 pounds of Jerusalem artichokes. Not a cheap bargain, but hopefully I'll get a good crop and enough 'chokes to replant for next year, too, so over the long run, I'll get my money's worth.

I hope.

Gardening can seem like betting on a roulette wheel sometimes. This year's weather has made some of it iffy, but keeping my fingers crossed and praying a little now and then, too, maybe it will turn out fine after all.


  1. You've got a lot of beans there, considering you only started with six!

    I had trouble with my pole beans last year and am hoping to do better this year. Maybe it was just a bad bean season.

    Enjoy your garden!

  2. Nature is very generous. Where else can you get that kind of return? :)
    Good luck with your beans this year!

  3. Oh, Pat, I do hope you love Jerusalem Artichokes! Dh rototilled my garden and they are comming up everywhere. Dh won't eat them. I like a little raw, but I don't really like them either. How do you use them? Perhaps I'm doing something wrong.
    However I suggest you put them somewhere that they are contained because here they are growing like weeds. I do like them behind something in my flower garden though as a backdrop.
    Pat in Kitchener

  4. I boil and bake them and generally use them like potatoes, but not too many at one time. I do like Jerusalem artichokes and have grown them before, just not here. I don't think they'll take over here, the spot has an edging around it that's fairly deep and there isn't much sun except right where they are. Anyway, I'll just dig them up and eat them! :)

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