Thursday, May 28, 2009

All purpose cleaner (I thought I posted this... )

I couldn't find it, so maybe I put it somewhere else... anyway, this is the all purpose cleaner I use most of the time. It sometimes takes a stronger version, but this one does almost everything and it's a lot cheaper than commercial cleaners.

1/4 cup of ammonia (lemon scented makes it smell nice)
1 teaspoon of good liquid dish detergent
3/4 of a pint of water.

Mix with a spoon - don't shake to mix because it will suds a lot. I keep mine in a spray bottle.

And if you find it already posted on this blog, let me know!


  1. Pat, I like your all-purpose cleaner. It's easy and thrifty to make and doesn't contain a lot of unuseful chemicals that no one can pronounce. Thus, safer and healthier.

    Regards, Peg

  2. Good cleaner, I use something similar but instead I use rubbing alcohol with the water and soap. Works great and no streaks.

  3. Hi. I've been reading this blog for a short while now and enjoying all the great tips and advice. Just thought that I'd mention that if you don't feel like mixing up a solution, club soda does work wonders. I use it everywhere.Especially great on surfaces that may be potentially damaged over time by by ammonia use.

  4. Club soda works, zs, but it costs more than this cleaner. I'm curious as to what surfaces the amount of ammonia used in this would damage over time?

  5. Well, for one, the rubber seals around car windows, I believe, can be damaged by ammonia and begin to prematurely dry out and crack before their time. Also, I had new garage doors installed not all that long ago.The care guide came with all sorts of warnings about what not to apply to the doors and their inset windows. I was kind of nervous about possibly damaging the new surface, so instead of taking any chances, I turned to the club soda. Nice clean doors, and no damage to the new metal surface.

  6. Oh, I see. For things like that, I use plain water, or vinegar and water if there's grease or oil on them. Thanks for the reply!

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