Thursday, August 14, 2008

Not necessarily frugal, but...

We got four inches of rain in an hour. The sunflower on the right was actually slightly taller than the one that was protected by the back wall of the garage.

My backyard is on a slope so there was a little mud flowing along with the water. We needed the rain, but all at one time??


  1. The clothesline is frugal and I love it. Hope the sunflower comes back.

  2. I think the sunflower is done for. I'm going to try to stake it up, but it's in pretty bad shape.

    Here's a little more about the clothesline:
    Frugal Bonus to Line Drying

  3. It's been raining (again!) since yesterday. The other sunflower is down now. I'll try to get a picture but I'll have to wait until it quits raining... sometime Sunday or Monday.