Thursday, August 28, 2008

Is anyone else ready for autumn?

The locusts are singing more quietly now, the nights are cooling down to where I can use a blanket at night, the beans are turning yellow, the winter squash is ripening...

My daughter brought me three kitchen towels in autumn themes yesterday. Her boyfriend thought she was nuts, but we knew better. :)

I can hardly wait until I can put out the scarecrows and the pumpkins and the fall bouquets. I don't do Halloween, but I do love to decorate for the fall season.

Now and then I might even spend a little money on fall decorating, but not much. The scarecrows I've had for quite awhile - acquired one at a time. I made one, one was a gift and so on.

I wait for the grasses to turn colors and the fall flowers to go to seed, then I make (free) bouquets to decorate with. I was into plastic canvas needlepoint for awhile (a cheap craft!) so I have some decorations left from that.

This year, I'm thinking of gathering the corn stalks left standing in the garden and making a (free) corn shock for the front yard.

Do I sound like a cheapskate? Maybe I am, but I believe that I enjoy my decorations as much if not more, than someone who runs to the store and picks up "a few things" to decorate with.

Mine are not only cheap or free, they're satisfying in a personal way. When you create something all your own, there is no comparison to anything that's mass produced. That's a level of enjoyment that can't be bought at any price.


  1. I love the fall weather and the autumn decorating.

  2. Sheesh, I am SO ready for Autumn -- it's my favorite season! Sadly, it doesn't really arrive here in TX until around October, and it's more a "seasonette" than anything; 5-6 weeks if we're lucky before Winter comes.

  3. Oh Pat it's so true. I love Summer, but it is always so busy, Company comming, the garden to try and keep up with, the grass to mow and all the other daily things as well. Then Autumn comes, and it is beautiful. There is the bounty from the garden to take care of, but that leaves me with such a contented feeling. I love having my storage full of jams, pickles, fruit and of course the tomatoes done up so many different ways. The freezer full, and a stew cooking ( after a hot summer, stew and dumplings smells and tastes to good!).
    Now too is the time I'm saving pine cones and dried flowers and grasses for my Christmas arrangements. Last year I made several gifts of floral arrangements, in coffee mugs. I used Christmas mugs and decotated to the color of the mug. I find that singles really appreciated these small treasures. They don't take up much space on a small table, but make the room instantly look Christmasy.
    I don't do Halloween either, but I try and put some colour from dried things near the stairs at the front and back of the house. Just seems more welcoming.
    Well, here's lifting a hot apple
    Juice with cinamon stick to you! Keep up the inspiring writings.
    Pat in Kitchener, B.C.

  4. You are anything but cheap. To have decorations that do not look like anyone else's, to have the satisfaction of doing it yourself, to have decorations that please you - is priceless :) and a good lesson for everyone.

    BTW - I do not feel that any DIY project is going to ruin the economy.

  5. Fall and early winter are my very favorite times of year! I look forward to cooler weather and cozy nights with blankets too.:) I don't really start decorating until thanksgiving, but I still know what you mean. My favorite part of seasonal decorating is pulling out things that have sentimental value and I have had for years. Some I made, some given to me, but all come with a feeling you can't buy.

    That's what I love so much about your writing. Yes, I save money, but also the reminder that treasures, beauty and meaning do not come with a price tag.

    God bless you!

  6. It looks like I'm not alone! :)

    Thanks for the virtual hot apple juice with cinamon stick, Pat in Kitchener!

    Autumn is relaxing after the busy summer, I agree. Maybe that's why I like it so much.

  7. Autumn is also a great time to go buy summer clothes like shorts and bathing suits, outdoor patio furniture, and items like bbq grills.

    I bought a patio set with a nice glass top table and six chairs for $150 from the front area of my local grocery store. The original price was $399 !
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  8. I have a few autumnal items that I use over and over again each season and my daughter just sent me a few autumnal decorating items purchased at a tag sale in New England.

    Otherwise, I use real pumpkins, corn stalks, etc.

    I don't do the whole Halloween thing, either. (I understand it is now second only to Christmas for the amount of money people spend on it!)

    However, I LOVE God's creation and can't wait for autumn each year.

  9. I LOVE Fall and have started to take out my decorations. I did buy some new things on sale in the clearance section but for the most part my decorations are free! I live in Phx AZ and with temps averaging 100 plus degrees its hard for anything to survive without tons of water. So I don't plant anything in the summer. I'll save my planting for OCT or Nov depending when the triple digit heat breaks, then I'll plant my garden. Other than that I'll enjoy pine cones (free) and other South Western style Fall things!

  10. Your blog is gorgeous, as is your writing. I look forward to reading more!