Thursday, March 20, 2008

Mike Killian

The somewhat elusive Mike Killian has an interesting web site called "Learning Credit and Debt Management. So who's Mike Killian? He's the former Credit/Debt Guide at and he's still writing and still giving great advice. Mike and I traded traffic at About because our topics worked together so well. They still do, and I'm glad to see his material is still available.

For instance, Senior Debt: A Growing Problem tackles the sad circumstances many senior citizens face on a limited income.

Credit Card's Dirty Little Secrets is written in Mike's inimitable style and a must read if you have any dealings at all with credit cards.

In these times of economic uncertainty, it's critical to know how to handle credit and debt efficiently. Mike does know and he's willing to share.


  1. I loved his site on About thanks Pat

  2. You're welcome! I'm glad to see him still active on the internet.

  3. Good Info, I missed you when you left about. Was glad to see you on Dollar Stretcher, and of course here.

    Carol from Pueblo