Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The economy

Good news this morning!

US bank news lifts world shares. Good ol' JP Morgan, huh?

And so the roller coaster pummels on. Up and down and around and up and down again. Will stocks "rally"? Will housing regain its footing? Will we survive after all? Or will it all come crashing down tomorrow morning?

Nobody has the answer, don't let them fool you. There are "educated guesses," sure, but they're still guesses.

No one wants a serious recession. Or do they?

The media has got hold of this like a hungry stray with a meaty bone and they're not going to let it go that easily. The more they can fan the flame of sensationalism, the happier they are. After all, that pays their bills.

I'm not really sure I have a point to make. I do believe that if we could possibly let the economy "do its thing," it would slowly stabilize itself. It's kind of like one of those wobbly dolls. If you leave it alone long enough, it will eventually stop wobbling and stand upright. If you poke at it or slap it a little, it will wobble wildly for a long time.

Serious thoughts this morning, but let's face it. We have lives to carry on. Whether the price of flour doubles or not, we have to eat. Whether gasoline flows like pure gold or not, we have to get to work. We'll weather it somehow, media or not, big players or not. The common man is where the buck stops.


  1. Very well put Pat, I agree I am still going to eat and drive and do all the things I do so hopefully it will even out.

  2. You know, that's all we can do. Keep on keeping on and making adjustments when we have to.

    Thanks for commenting.