Thursday, January 3, 2008

I'm back

Happy New Year, everyone!

With first the holidays, then a bout with a virus, I've been off the computer more than on, but I think I'll live now, so on we go...

There's a new thread on Dollar Stretcher Community about milling grain, along with an old one called "Milling/Grinding Wheat into Flour." With the price of even white flour going up and up and up, it might be a good time to check into it. Not only can you save money, you'll get much, much better quality by using freshly milled wheat.

Finding the right grain mill seems to be the problem, but with a few guidelines on those threads you should be happy with your purchase.


  1. Glad you're back and feeling better. I was checking every day for a new blog and was getting worried. Happy and healthy new year!

  2. Thank you! And a happy New Year to you, too. :)

  3. Happy New year a little late! :)

    I am back also to tell you I have finally gotten around to posting some of my art using recyled materials and weeds! :) Several months ago I posted a couple entries on your blog after an article you wrote at Lehman's Country Life, I believe. If I remember right you had a bouquet of wildflowers (weeds) and we talked about how beautiful they were. I told you about my art and you said you'd like to see it when I got it posted. So I am just stopping back to invite you to stop by and see my blog. I am calling it Seed Catalog Art because it is really inspired by all the seeds catalogs coming in the mail this time of year. :)

    Maybe I need to read your post about making lsits and New years resolutions! I can resolve to be quicker! LOL!

  4. I remember that, Sue! Thank you for letting me know. How do you think of such interesting ways to create art?? :) I think the one with the pears is my favorite, but I'm not sure.