Saturday, January 12, 2008

After holiday blahs?

It must be the post holiday blahs. When I think "frugal" I think "do nothing," as in, "don't shop, don't drive (don't use gas) don't turn the heat up, don't eat anything more extravagant than peanut butter sandwiches on homemade bread."

Ok, maybe not that extreme, but you get the general idea. Passive frugality works just as well as active frugality.

Regardless, I probably should break out of the rut a little. I realized this when I found myself wondering if it would be more cost effective to not make the bed. You know, no wear on the blankets and sheets by unnecessary tugging and pulling.

Yeah, I think I'd better break out of this funk.


  1. LOL:) Yes, rationalization can be a beautiful thing.:) I agree with you on passive frugality. It's become such a lifestyle now (and one that I love) that I don't really think about it now. It took me a couple of years to retrain my brain and am now loathe to really spend money- mostly because I stay out of temptations way. I never though I would get to this point. Anyway, great and funny post.:)


  2. Thank you. Passive frugality tends to feed on itself, I think. Or maybe it plays to the lazy self, who knows? :)

  3. I too am doing the passive frugality. But I did buy one item the other day. I needed a couple of items from the store, milk and some fresh vegetables. Well there they were, a bag of bows! So I bought them 50 gold, silver, and copper bows for $1.44. Now it has been about 6 years since I last bought bows and at Chritmas time I saw I was down to 3, so I knew I'd use them. But all the same, I hadn't planned on buying them or anything at the after Christmas sales. However I had prommised myself not to spend more than $100. in January for groceries, and since this was in the grocery store, I'm counting it in my food budget!
    Do you use January to do inventory? I do from room to room in the house. Today was clear out the bedroom. I tore everything apart, and put the odball items that always seem to end up in my room away. I even finnally packed up all the Christmas things ( they were all boxed, but not put away), and a few other items that are stored under the house and got them out. Wow, my home is looking so much better.
    Next is my sorting, It is a trip to our local thrift shop, with my items we no longer need or use.
    In Canada we don't get a tax credit, but all the work at this thrift shop is volunteer, and the money goes to the local food bank.
    Also the prices they charge if you buy something are extremly low. So I buy there, and donate there.
    Oh, I intend to wash all the things in the house I can this month. Taking it a room at a time. Cleaning is frugal, but it makes the place look, and smell so much better. Plus I catch any little things that need fixing before they get away on me. Like a little brown or black shoe polish on a nick or scratch on wood furniture, or walls. The marks just disapear. After wards I have trouble finding the scratch. But I feel so good that I saved the item from looking worn and shabby, and shoe polish lasts years.
    t'other Pat in Kitchener

  4. Yes, January always seems like a new beginning. Cleaning out and organizing become serious projects. :)

  5. Isn't the whole point of being frugal, to save where and how you can in order to spend on those luxuries in life that make you happy (whether it be retirement, or a night out with friends). I have to remind myself of this when I get into my "frugal blahs." I have built my life around this style of living for a reason. I would say don't make the bed, not because it "may" save you money down the road, but b/c it is not fun.

  6. Yep. :) The frugal part was just an excuse to not make the bed because I didn't want to. But I usually do make it though, not because I enjoy doing it so much as I enjoy having it done. As the old commercial says, "I'm worth it." It makes me feel good to walk into a bedroom when I'm tired and want to rest and find a neatly made up bed, wrinkle free and welcoming. OK, I'm off on a tangent, I know.