Monday, March 5, 2007

Junk Mail Envelopes

How much junk mail did you get last week? And how much of it had return envelopes in it? Probably at least one, maybe two. Possibly three or more.

With the threat of postage increases, junk mailers may be more careful about targeting prospects in the future, but for now, we're still bringing it in and carrying it out. A lot of junk mail comes in one door and out another!

Here's how to get some use out of the junk return envelopes:

The backs of envelopes are just the right size for grocery lists. Put coupons or reminders inside and it's an all in one shopping helper.

They can also be used to organize coupons between shopping trips. Mark expiration dates or type of coupon - however you like to organize them.

If you save seed from year to year, window envelopes are ideal for them. You can see what's inside - but don't depend on that to remind you of what kind of seed you have. Only a few seeds are unique enough to recognize through a cellophane window. Write the name, date and other information on the envelope.

If the address isn't too big or bold and if the envelope isn't postage paid, (it's illegal to use someone else's paid postage for yourself) you can use it for your own mail. Sometimes those freebie address labels will work, other times you may have to write your name and address on a piece of paper and tape it over the name. Just make sure the tape covers their name completely to keep from tearing the paper.

Junk mail envelopes are fine for passing along things within the family. Checks, recipes, coupons, notes... whatever you need to keep together. Put their name on the outside and it's more likely to be seen and make its way to the recipient.

You can also use these envelopes to drop off night deposits. Just mark off labels, etc., and add your own notes if necessary.

If you find yourself shopping for someone else, an extra envelope can be used as a sort of wallet for their money and change. Fold it over to keep the money from spilling out in your purse or pocket.

Need to carry a day's worth of pills with you? Put them in an envelope and fold it over. It will fit easily in pocket or purse.

Use them to hold small things that you don't need often. Small tie tacks or lapel pins, saftey pins, rubber bands...

If you lose things in your purse, put them in white envelopes. They're easier to see than most things, even keys.

If you have to take a small appliance apart, use an envelope to hold the screws or nuts and bolts. That way you won't lose them.

Same thing with a computer case. Mine had seven screws when it was new. I think it has three now. I'm still learning.

There are a lot more uses for junk envelopes and usually it's just a matter of getting your mind working that way. If you save a few and keep them where you'll see them, you might even be looking for junk mail.

Wouldn't that be strange?

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  1. Pat,

    Thanks for this wisdom, I will start putting them to use.