Thursday, March 22, 2007

Feeling Good, Frugally

I got the garden dug. ALL of it. Well, all except that funny little corner to the east of the big tree. It was so nice to be out in the sunshine, smelling the good earth and dreaming about summer's crops - at least it was until I realized my back was hurting from shoveling.

Oh, the pain. I kept at it until I finished what I started and by that time, it was time for some serious recuperation. A rice filled pad went into the microwave, a glass of ice water by my comfortable chair. Soft knitted slippers for my feet and the piano bench to prop them on.

It felt like seventh heaven except for the ache in my back, but it wasn't long before that went away. I had a real urge to finish that little corner, but (high five here) I didn't do it! Tomorrow, maybe.

What's so frugal about all of this? I didn't spend but maybe a penny's worth of electricity for heating the rice pad and I recovered nicely from a case of spring overwork. No pills, no electric heating pad, no deep heating rub. I felt 100% better just by resting and applying cheap heat.

We've become such a pill popping, salve rubbing nation that often, our first thought is "What can I take? What pricey chemical can I put in my mouth or on my skin to make me feel better?"

Modern medicine is great when we need it. We just don't need it as often as we think we do. Try the simple cures first and you might be surprised at how frugal and sensible your health care becomes.


  1. Those rice pads are great--I have a few myself. But as someone who suffers from chronic back pain (my sacroiliac joint), I can't agree there is something wrong with taking pills for relief. Nothing else, including numerous shots in my spine, has helped as much as the combination of coated aspirin and heat pads. Oh, and for the record--I've tried those rubs. They simply don't work, at least not for me! And I can get coated aspirin cheap, LOL! (BTW, coated aspirin because of an ulcer--which was brought on by years of popping ibuprofen. So I guess I partly agree with you. This nation of pill poppers should be careful that even OTC meds have side effects.)
    And I bet your garden will be beautiful! Can't wait until it's warm enough to work on mine!

  2. I feel for you. I used to have back pain almost all the time and I know how desperate one can be to find relief. That's why I said modern medicine is great when we need it. I'm not beyond popping a pill myself when it's really needed, but I agree that we shouldn't take anything without seriously considering the consequences.

  3. Oh, to have the snow all gone and be able to dig in the garden! Soon, very soon I hope!. Pat in Kitchener

  4. We're having an early spring here, it isn't always this way. I keep thinking we're going to get clobbered with a big snowstorm, but the weathermen say we won't.

    We'll probably have a really hot summer, so watch what you wish for! :)