Tuesday, November 17, 2015

6 of the Best Free Things You Can Find Online

Some of us get our internet free or at a very reasonable price, while others pay dearly for the service. Either way, an internet connection can be used to save money during the holidays (and every day). Why not use it to save money and make the holidays go easier by using it for free things? Things like:

1. Music. There are many "radio" stations online, with every kind of music you could ever want. Just search for them by genre or search for "Christmas music" or
"Irish music." It's out there and it's absolutely free.

2. Games and puzzles for you and the kids. Crossword puzzles that you can print out or work right online, jigsaw puzzles, mazes and many variations of games and puzzles for the kids are available. Search for them by name or just put "puzzles" into the search box.

3. Stories and books to read, either to yourself or to the kids. Free audio books can be found, too! How much free reading and listening material out there still amazes me.

4. Free software and not just little snippets some kid put together because he was bored. I'm talking about full blown, very usable and portable software programs. Open Office rivals Microsoft's pricey alternative. Older, free versions of almost every program in use now can be found by searching for "old apps" and clicking on the site of that name.

5. Coupons and rebate offers. To get the best coupons, go to the site of the product you want. You might have to get on a mailing list, but you will get the best coupons there are for the product. You can use the coupon pages that many sites offer now. Most stores accept coupons printed from the internet, but check before relying on them.

6. Ideas, directions, instructions, patterns, recipes and advice, whether you're preparing for a holiday or want to paint your house yourself, you can find out how online. It's the greatest, biggest, most complete do-it-yourself encyclopedia ever. Take advantage of it!

If you're not familiar terms with a good search engine, maybe it's time to cozy up to one!

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