Thursday, December 26, 2013

After Christmas

I always get a rush of ambition after Christmas. Maybe it's the new "stuff" or taking down the tree and decorations (and realizing just how dusty they got!), or maybe it's the very slightly longer days that call to my soul, but I always want to clean out cabinets and closets and organize things and repair things and do things like paint and get new curtains.

Of course, I don't actually do it all, but I want to.

Today, I got the last of the dirty pots and pans washed, and peeled the scotch tape from the floor. I located a lost bowling pin and a stocking, among other things. Just things that needed to be done and all the while, my mind was on sorting through a box of used wrapping paper to see what could be salvaged and wondering if some of the ribbon could be ironed.

I need to check last year's tax forms to find the medical payments that I think the hospital is trying to bill me for again, the pile of mending on the sewing machine has my attention and I really want to upend the old red chair to see what's the problem with it.

My list grows and the New Year looms. I'm not sure what my New Year's resolution should be. Maybe to be more content?