Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Make a Plan; Forget New Year's Resolutions

In the coming year, self discipline may be needed more than ever. It literally pays to make plans and stick to them. New Year Resolutions don't usually last much beyond the first week or two, but a yearly plan will keep you going all year.

A yearly plan could go something like this:

January: Finish paying off the credit card; get the tires rotated and check to see if you can lower your insurance premium.

February: Get all the taxes in order; stock up on chocolate (for baking) after Valentine's Day.

March: Buy extra corned beef; find new recipes for cabbage since it's cheap just before St Patrick's Day; start watching for sales on winter things you'll need next year.

And so on. Make your own to suit your situation, then put it where you will see it often. Make copies of it so you won't lose it. Stick to it. It only takes a few things each month to make your money go further all year.