Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Never waste

Frost warning tonight! In a way, it's a relief, but in a way... it's sad. I went out and dug up a little rutgers tomato that hadn't had a chance to produce much. I put it in a container that had held peppers just days ago and put it on the shelf behind the couch. We shall see...

The rest of the tomatoes were picked and I will put them in a newspaper lined box under the bed to ripen slowly and naturally. One year we had home grown tomatoes for Christmas dinner. I don't expect that to happen this time, but maybe for Thanksgiving? 

And then, the beans. I'd already decided to let the rest of them go for soup beans (a couple of times!), but if it frosts, they'll be useless for that, too.

So... I picked beans. Again. And I was surprised at how many there were. Again. I picked big ones and little ones. A few beginning to dry and a few were just babies, but a good portion of them are just right for eating. I'll have to sort them out now: some for eating, some for soup and some for seeds, although I have quite a few seeds already.

The frugal point is this: Don't waste what your garden or your shopping has produced. Use the last of everything and when you do, you'll find your larder is fuller and your grocery money lasts longer.

I will have green beans along with the little potatoes I pulled up from soft dirt in a pot the other day. A little turkey ham for seasoning and a piece of cornbread made from cornmeal made from corn I grew last year... grown from corn bought several years ago to decorate for autumn.

Never waste. The old adage is still true: Waste not, want not.


  1. Yesterday afternoon I was called away from the house unexpectedly and had no plans for supper by the time I returned. I realized that my husband hadn't grilled all the beef that I thought he had on Sunday and we needed to use it soon. I browned it, added some spanish rice mix, seasoned tomatoes and peppers, added left over rice from a Chinese take out and some cheese and layered it over refried beans. It was wonderful!! I haven't gone "grocery shopping" in weeks and am trying to get by with what we have on hand. I don't want to waste what we have already purchased and am finding some fun ways to use up what we have! Thanks for your blog...it gives me incentive!!

  2. That's a perfect example, Beth, thanks for posting it!

  3. I have done my grocery shopping for the month! I have been creative with meals and left overs as well! It is great not to have to spend money on things I used to take for granted!!! Not only am I saving money but I have cut way back on things I usually buy at the store. I am making due with what I have and the savings are adding up!

  4. Wow, sounds like you have it under control, "anonymous"! It works, doesn't it? :)