Wednesday, June 30, 2010

How does your wild garden grow?

This is proving to be an interesting year! Already, some of the "weeds" in my back yard are going to seed. Lambsquarter and amaranth will start over if I allow the seeds to fall (IF we don't have an early fall), and purslane is edible even after it's gone to seed, but it's still disturbing. Do they know something we don't?

The dandelions are doing very well this year under the plum tree. I never have it mowed back there so that I can dig the roots for dandelion coffee. This year I intend to eat some of the roots as vegetables. I haven't done that yet because I wanted enough to make coffee.

It looks like I'll have enough to do both this year!

Semi-wild: Jerusalem artichokes. If you've never tried this, and you have a little spot you can give them, do it. They're so good in the fall and winter when other things aren't so fresh or crispy and they do spread on their own. I have a good stand of them and I know there were areas that I dug all of them out (I thought, anyway!).

I put some peelings from them in the compost and guess what's growing there now? Yep... "almost" weeds. :)


  1. I wannted to tell you about my wild garden. Last years compost pile didn't compost too well as it was in too much shade, so we spred it out this spring with the bobcat to level the ground and to our surprise we have cabbage potatoes tomatoes peppers
    zucinni, and all kinds of winter squash and pumkins watermelons.Everything is looking real good and all for free.

  2. Makes you wonder why we plant gardens, doesn't it? Maybe we should just throw out garbage, water it well in the spring and let it grow!