Wednesday, February 3, 2010

People helping people

With so many people out of work or having to make do with part time or low paying jobs, there are a lot of needs out there.

I was reminded of the site Modest Needs and took a closer look than I had before.

Part of living frugally is being able to help others who need it. Sometimes all it takes is a few dollars tossed into the pile along with a few others' dollars and that's how this site works. You can give a one time donation or set it up to give a donation each month, then you can choose where the money is used.

People who need help apply for it and are screened and checked out by Modest Needs, then their pleas are listed on the site and you can choose which one to help. If you can't decide, your "points" (dollars) go into a fund and the organization uses it wherever it's needed.

The organization is legitimate and your donations are tax deductible.

If you have an extra $5 or $10 a month or just once in awhile, consider donating to them. It's a lot more personal and you'll feel better than just writing a check to a charity and hoping that someone, somewhere, will get the help they need from it.

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