Friday, November 20, 2009

I know it's not Christmas yet...

But you gotta get a head start on these things! Here's what I've been up to the last few days:


Let me know what you think... you're my editors and critics at large. ;)


  1. Very good work Pat, I will read all of it in the next while.
    A couple of things I do are, save pruning branches of bushes once the leaves are all gone. I spray paint them and add them to my floral arrangements, or take a bunch of them and put them in a metal bucket. You can hang a couple of ornaments on them if you like ( I just like them spray painted ) Then if you pick white , or silver to spray paint you can keep them over into spring.
    Other items to save and use, or the lids from frozen juice. take pictures and cut the right sized picture and glue it on one side of the can, the other side cut a part of an old christmas card then once they are glued and dried on cover them with half white glue and water to decopage them on. once that's dry I like to use seam binding around the edge in green or red, a thin piece of string to hang it with , and if you like a gold pen and write the date on the christmas card side before you decopage it.
    Of course you can use material to make reusabel gift bags, and if you don't sew use fusable web tape and the iron to make your bag. Use left over material, or good parts of worn clothing. It doesn't have to cost anything to make them, and you can make them to size.
    Hope this helps someone with ideas they can use.

  2. Thanks, Kootenay Annie, and thanks for adding some great ideas!

  3. While I'm not quite as crafty as Kootenay Annie, I try to do my best by reusing the boxes that I've received gifts in. It saves me quite a bit of money.

  4. Every little bit helps, Lawrence. The articles I linked to are not all about frugal living, but a few are.

  5. And to make it more crucial this year the news tonight reported that they are NOT stocking up like in years past because they already know people are going to buy less. Their advice is to buy when you see it or it will be gone! This is another great reason to be organized with gift giving! Knowing what you are giving to whom BEFORE you go shopping will make a difference once you are in the store!