Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Good times

Knee high by the Fourth of July? Maybe to an elephant! This corn is growing fast. I just hope I can beat the squirrels to it when it's time. That's a two foot tall raised bed the corn is in. The plant in the middle is a yellow squash. It's growing straight up to get to the sun!

My favorite part of the 4th of July parade!

So that's what I've been doing instead of updating this blog. I've been thinking, though. The good part of life isn't expensive. The Fourth of July parade was free; we stopped and got food at the grocery store. Seed for the corn came from what I bought to decorate last fall.

There's been very little money out over the last few weeks, yet it's been a good time. Priorities, priorities...


  1. What lovely draft horses! I remember seeing draft mules in a parade - very unusual and spectacular animals.

    Your corn looks great. My FIL is harvesting giant cucumbers and squash, it's an excellent year following all the drought.

  2. It's exciting to see things growing so well after the drought. Tap water just doesn't do it as well as rain water.

  3. We have finally had 4 days of rain here. We were worried about forest fires, but that should be much, much less of a worry now. I hope my garden jumps as much as yours. In the garden my tomatoes are only about a foot high. I have several varieties and about 20 plants plus 3 tiny volunteers that I don't think have a chance of producing, but hey, if they want to grow that bad who am I to say you can't grow in my garden? In the Green house the tomatoes there are producing ( bought as plants from the greenhouse in town, and the 9 other tomatoes that were grown from seed are all in bloom. I have been sharing my garden with a neighbour the past 2 years, and we both love to can tomatoes other wise I wouldn't have so many for 2 people.
    We have been eating chard, and oh it is so good to just go into the garden and pick fresh veggies for supper. Also eating ruhbarb, green onions, and lettus. The radishes took a long time this year to develop bottoms and then were wormy. Any suggestions as how to avoid that?
    Love the gardening pictures. Also love a parade.

  4. The only thing I know about radishes is that they like a lot of water, so if you haven't had a lot of rain, that may be the problem. I've been eating salads from the garden, too, and they're so good! Can't wait for the first tomato to ripen. :)

  5. Hi, Pat:
    This is the only way I know how to find you. I write for the Denver Post and wanted to talk to you about purslane.

  6. Tina, Blogger doesn't give me your email when you comment here, so I couldn't reply. Please email me at