Tuesday, April 14, 2009

What to do with leftover boiled eggs

If you celebrate Easter traditionally, you'll have boiled, colored eggs all over the place. If you can't use them up for Easter dinner, don't despair and don't throw them out. They're still good food and you can use them eventually. They'll keep in the refrigerator for at least a week as long as they're still in the shell.

I've kept them longer with no ill effects, but it depends on how fresh the eggs are to begin with. There's no way to really tell if you buy them from a grocery store, so let the one week rule be your guide. They'll even keep for a few hours out of the refrigerator, but don't leave them out overnight.

What to do with them over the next few days?

* Use them to stretch a meal: Boiled eggs can be mixed into a lettuce and tomato type of salad to stretch it.
* If you like mayonnaise you might enjoy this. Chop boiled eggs finely, add salted sunflower seeds and enough mayonnaise to hold it together. Makes a great side to simple meat and salad dinners.
* Add an extra boiled egg or two to tuna salad to make it go farther.
* Mash a few boiled eggs and put them in meatloaf. They're cheaper than ground beef.
* Use them as a main course by making white gravy and slicing boiled eggs into it. Serve over crispy toast or biscuits for breakfast or a quick lunch or supper.
* Boiled egg salad makes good sandwiches, too. Add chopped onion, dill pickles, grated or cubed cheese of your choice and mayonnaise or salad dressing. Mix well and use as sandwich filling.
* Make a thin white sauce, then add sliced boiled eggs, chopped ham or bacon, cheese and chives or onions. Put in a greased casserole dish and heat in a medium oven until the top just begins to brown.


  1. Oh, Now I have to boil some eggs! Your ideas sound so yummy, Pat, I usually just devil them and serve them beside some celery with cheese.
    I've just been going through the items I use in cans, or boxes and checking for recipe web sites. I thought since I bought the products, I should see some of the ideas for using the items ( other than how I usually do) Oh, what a wealth of ideas, and things I would never have thought of. Today I was in one site that is my Buttermilk powder, over 230 different recpies! Now, lots I wouldn't make , but some are really thrifty, and look so good.
    Like your egg ideas.

    Take Care
    Pat in Kitchener

  2. I do that, too - go looking for new ideas for things that I already have. It helps keep food more interesting. :)

  3. There so many things you add leftovers to and make a whole new meal out of, I love doing this. Egg Salad, Deviled Eggs,Pickled eggs, etc.

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