Monday, October 20, 2008

Who's playing games with grocery prices?

Just stating the facts:

A few months ago at my favorite grocery store, I noticed that the price of cheese had jumped two dollars for a three pound package - all but Swiss cheese. I decided to buy Swiss rather than the intended cheddar and save a couple of dollars.

The next time I went in, Swiss cheese had jumped two dollars... but cheddar had dropped back to its original price. I bought cheddar.

The next time, it was all priced the two dollars higher. I didn't buy any. Cheese is not a basic need, as much as I like it.

This time? It's all one dollar higher than the original price. I bought a package grudgingly. I will stretch it as far as I can. I won't buy any more until I really, really feel a need for it.

Will the price come back down? Serious doubts here. At least we have a pretty good idea that others reacted to the price changes the same way I did.

Oh, the games they play to find out just how much we'll pay. Sooner or later, we'll feel as if the new, higher price is old hat, and they'll raise it again, maybe just a little next time. Well, we can hope, can't we?


  1. Oh your not kidding! Cheese which USED to be a staple in the most frugal of dishes is now a luxury! Ah- for the good ol' days!

  2. .....yes.. it is a need and not a want... just drink more MILK instead. :)

    I am doing great shopping; sticking to the loss leaders.... the ONLY thing I can't do and still can't do is buy ALL ORGANIC Fruits and VEGGIES etc..

    The Organic is waaaay higher.. but I figure it this way.. I'll be MORE STRESS out doubling my food bills and having to do even more freelance work that I'll get health issues more that way than eating non-organic items.

    (just my opinion)

  3. Betty Ann, I'm a great advocate for eating organic as much as we can. If you only buy one or two things organic, it will help. Most people don't realize how much poison they're eating.
    Dollar Stretcher published an article of mine about how to eat more organic food without paying more:
    Organic and Frugal?

  4. Thank you Pat.. I'm going to read that now. (thanks)bettyann