Friday, September 26, 2008

Time to get serious

If you've paid attention at all, you know that our economy is reeling from many blows. I'd love to be able to write encouragingly, but I can't. We're in trouble and that's all there is to it.

How many times have I said it? Get out of debt. Position yourself to need very little income to survive. If you haven't done it, do it as quickly as you can now.

We don't know - nobody knows for sure - but it could be that the government will able to patch it up this time.

But what about next time?


  1. So true Pat. Some of us that lived with parents and grandparents that had gone through the depression and had had very hard times were brought up to live very frugally. Even if we later lived "the good life" we have the skills already to cut back and make do. Many though never learned these principals. I am encouraged though to see how many more blogs, and newsletters there are now with younger people wanting to learn how to live well, with lots less. We are becomming far more in tune with our own world and limitations, of wealth, and bounty. Community and sharing are comming back in fashion, and not quite so much of the me, me, me. I think when everything settles out ( and it always has) for a generation or so we will be a little more careful, with everything. Wether it be where we put our money, to how we live our day to day lives, how we share with friends. There will have been some hard lessons learned.
    This is definately the "time to get serious".
    t'Other Pat in Kitchener

  2. I so hope you're right, Kitchener Pat!

  3. good thing.. people tightening their belt is way better for the environment. Less buying means less energy used to create more things. More people will grab curbside items; or reuse or sell on ebay or take the time to bring back plastics bottles for the 5 cents redemption in some states.

    I always lived frugal; first being on my own young; than not wanting to work and be a SAHM (stay at home mom) then my husband wanting a house and the me having to buy him out of house as a single mom.. 6 years ago. I always lived frugal; .. and now felt deprived.. I love my house and neighborhood and I have more than enough..

    Many of my items are second hand; trash found; and reused for different purposes.. :).. I don't own a car; and just rented my garage out to a nice young man that has an antique car...since I lose some freelance due to the economy.

    $200.00 in this part of nyc is a good deal; and people need parking.. in this borough I'm in.. it was silly I left it empty for years. now a win-win.. for him and for me..

    And good I don't drive; no car expense.. or gas or fixing I love taking the buses and trains here and getting to read instead of having to concentrate on intense traffic. (win-win again).

    I look at rising costs; as a way for people to buy less and better for environment; less recreation driving etc. Using items longer and giving items away instead of tossing..etc. Maybe people will stop spending $1.50 for a bottle of water; nothing wrong with tap or filtered water.

    Maybe they'll bring thermos instead of splurging on Starbucks for 4.23 for a tall white chocolate mocha.. etc.. and so again less waste of styroforms and paper cups..etc.. for coffee houses and coffee stands.

    I do hope no one goes hungry or lose their homes anymore etc.

    But Craig's List is a great way to not lose a house; get a roommate (someone safe); and maybe it is more fun than living alone in oversize homes with empty rooms using up heat..

    I think of the over thousand that lost their homes in the borough of NYC.. and think that if they knew about frugality maybe they would not have even with balloon mortgages; maybe they would have come up with that extra 500+ more each month; by getting a room mate.. double the kids up in one room; and get a college student that to pay rent.. Studios here go for $500.00 up (Staten Island of NYC not Manhattan of course).

    Or given up car and not pay for insurance for a couple ranging up to 300 a month etc..

    Really cut back and not feel deprived but be creative.

    Betty Ann in NYC