Monday, June 23, 2008

What it all boils down to... how much money you want to save. Whether you're paying down debt, building a retirement fund, saving for a new car or house or whatever other goal you have, how fast you do it depends on how frugal you get.

My other blog, Extremely Frugal, is nothing but frugal tips. Some people call them extreme, so that's what I called it, but for some, they're just every day common sense. If you put even part of them into practice, you will save money.

Not everyone wants to make their own napkins or wash out plastic bags and that's fine. We must all find our own level of frugality.

BUT... if you want to meet a goal sooner rather than later, you may have to give up some things. You may have to make do or do without.

It all depends on you. There's only one rule: If you refuse to give up something that's costing you unnecessarily, you can't complain that you're not getting anywhere.

How hard you tackle it is in direct proportion to how quickly you meet your goal.


  1. Hi Pat:

    My 24 year old son just graduated college.. I did a Mystery' Shop and got a bottle with a built in 'freezer thing' .. so that he can bring cold drinks to work on a hot day and save money. His school on graduation day gave out hot thermo bottle to carry hot beverages... so this is a good way to avoid the millions of Starbucks in NYC. (now if he could find the right computer job.. he is doing some Mystery Shopping as he is looking).
    Your blog is terrific....... and what you said about how much you do determine how much you save. (little things add up to 100s each month)

  2. Thanks, BettyAnn. Using thermos bottles, etc., instead of Starbucks or vending machines is one of the ways we can save. Sounds like your son is off to a good, frugal start. :)