Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Snow and Frost

Early morning, frost falling from the air, fingers tingling with cold, silver blue sky... winter in Colorado.

Frugal thought? This picture only exists on my computer. No film, no processing, no slick paper printing. The camera was a gift and my internet access is free for personal use, since I need it for work.


  1. Posting beauty like this needs no explanation!:) God Bless:)

  2. I live in Colorado and have a hard time driving in snow (after 20 years living in Phoenix) but sometimes when I am at a light -that I actually was able to stop and not just slid to a stop and am in the line of traffic - I look around and sigh at the beauty. The red victorian house accross the street from me is decorated and with all the trees and the snow looks just like a Christmas card. If I knew how to download my digigal camera I would take a picture and post it - hmmmm...note to self LEARN HOW

    Carol from Pueblo

  3. The red Victorian house sounds gorgeous! I do love the beauty of winter in Colorado even if, as you say, it's hard to drive in sometimes. Slow and easy does it for the most part, though. Yes, do learn how to upload from your camera. It's so much fun to post pictures. :)