Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Frost Tonight

They're predicting the first frost of the season for us tonight. I picked a half bushel of green tomatoes and quit. I have almost that much in the house, ready to make juice or sauce. I've already made enough tomato sauce, but I'll make some more anyway and figure out some way to use it.

I picked the green peppers - what a bounty my one green pepper plant grew! There are a half dozen on the table right now and a few more small ones that I picked. I left the smallest on the plant just in case it doesn't frost. If the frost doesn't get them, they'll be good for dicing for the freezer. Some of the bigger ones will be halved and frozen for stuffed peppers.

The onion is still growing strong. I'm going to leave it and see what happens. There are three more acorn squash on the vine, not quite ready to pick. If the frost is hard at all, it will kill the vine, but the squash should be ok. The last of the potatoes are near the house so a frost shouldn't hurt them.

Throughout the summer, I froze plenty of green beans for the winter and have enough dried beans for three or four pots, which makes eight to ten meals. Not bad for a handful of beans that were so old I didn't want to cook them.

I'm feeling snug (or smug) and secure and rather frugal. Summer's been good, but I'm ready to move on.


  1. Pat,
    Whenever I get green tomatoes I make Green Tomato Jam, really good and no one knows what it's made from.

  2. I've heard of green tomato jam but never made it. I usually wrap green tomatoes in newspaper and store them in a box. They ripen slowly that way and I've had fresh tomatoes as late in the year as Christmas. They're usually all done by Thanksgiving, though.

  3. You could also make fried green tomatoes! They are yummy!

  4. I do make fried green tomatoes, but I can only eat so many of those! :)