Monday, September 7, 2015

Introducing Basic Food Saving Ideas

Food prices getting to you? Me, too. I've been remembering lately how Mom used to cook when we were growing up on a ranch in Wyoming. We went to town once a month to buy groceries, so Mom had to be creative with what she had.

Cooking from scratch was the normal way people cooked back then, anyway, and everyone had full kitchens and used them. There were no microwaves, no frozen dinners and not many "convenience" foods of any kind. We ate just fine.

So... to make a long story short, I have started a new blog all about basic food saving idea. I plan to cover a lot of things, including recipes and instructions for simple and frugal dishes, how to prepare some wild foods, when to stock up on what, how to make meals when you're down to a few ingredients, saving time as well as money when preparing food and anything else that will help save money on food.

The new blog is at Basic Food Saving Ideas with its first post all shiny and new. I have a lot of ideas percolating in my head, so there is much more to come!